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As the Internet and information technology enable us to expand our services, we are committed to maintaining the trust customers have placed in us for protecting the privacy and security of information we have about you.

Depositing Checks into Your Walden Savings Bank Account - What you need to know…

It is important to understand when checks deposited into your Walden Savings Bank account are available for withdrawal. Please visit the link below to view our Funds Availability Policy on Transaction Accounts.

Funds Availability Policy

We want to help protect our customers from becoming a victim of fraud and being taken advantage of in some of the latest counterfeit check schemes. Please visit the link below for what you need to know about fraudulent checks and protecting your account.


Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft is a prominent threat to everyone. Visit the links below and learn how to protect you and your family. 



Please contact us if you plan to use your Walden Savings Bank Debit card while traveling. Security restrictions may be in place to protect you from fraudulent activity on your card. If you notify us before your travel dates, we can inform you of any restrictions you may encounter. Be careful. If you lose your ATM/Debit Card, or if it is captured in a machine, we will be unable to send you a new card or wire money to you. Walden Savings Bank ATM Cards ARE NOT valid outside of the USA.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006

As defined in Regulation GG, unlawful Internet gambling means to “place, receive or otherwise knowingly transmit a bet or wager by any means which involves the use, at least in part, of the internet where such bet or wager is unlawful under any applicable Federal or State law in the State or Tribal lands in which the bet or wager is initiated, received or otherwise made”.

As a customer of Walden Savings Bank, these restricted transactions are prohibited from being processed through your account or banking relationship with us.

Fraudulent E-mails

We recognize how important it is to protect your identity from unlawful use, and shield your accounts from fraud and unauthorized access. With that in mind, you can be assured that it's not our practice to:

  • Send e-mail that requires you to enter personal information directly into the e-mail
  • Send e-mail threatening to close your account if you do not take the immediate action of providing personal information
  • Send e-mail asking you to reply by sending personal information
  • Share your name with any contacts outside our firm in a manner inconsistent with our Privacy Policy

With those things in mind, please exercise caution when reading e-mail that may appear to have been sent by us. It's an unfortunate reality that criminals continue to devise ways to exploit technology in an effort to rip you off. One increasingly common scam is called "phishing" (pronounced "fishing"), where your personal information is the "catch of the day."

Here is an example of a fraudulent e-mail:

Dear Walden Savings Bank Customer:

We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your Internet Banking account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party.

Protecting the security of your account and of the Walden Savings Banking network is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventative measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive account features.

To restore your account access, please take the following steps to ensure that your account has not been compromised:

Login to your Walden Savings Bank Internet Banking account. In case you are not enrolled yet for Internet Banking, you will have to use your Social Security Number as both your Personal ID and Password. (WALDEN SAVINGS BANK WOULD NEVER ASK FOR YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR PASSWORD)

To get started, please click the link below:

Review your recent account history for any unauthorized withdrawals or deposits, and check your account profile to make sure no changes have been made. If any unauthorized activity has taken place on your account, report to Walden Savings Bank staff immediately.

To get started, please click the link below:


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire Walden Savings Banking system.

Thank your for your prompt attention to this matter.


The Walden Savings Bank Team.

Fraudulent Screen and E-mails

A phishing e-mail usually takes an urgent or demanding tone, telling you to act immediately to verify or update personal information such as bank account numbers, user's names/passwords, credit card account numbers - even your Social Security Number.

Don't do it.

Instead, if you've got what you believe to be a suspicious e-mail bearing our name and logo, please do one of the following:
Call : 845-457-7700, x344 Email: support2@waldensavingsbank.com

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