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Fee Schedule | Walden Savings Bank

ACH Fees (Automated Clearing House):
Stop Payment: $31.00  Per item
Returned Item:
Insufficient/ Uncollected
$31.00  Per item returned
Insufficient/ Uncollected
$31.00  Per item paid
Empty Deposit Envelope $20.00  Per envelope
ATM/Debit Card Charges:
ATM Card Replacement
(Lost or Stolen)
$5.00  Per card
ATM Service Charge $2.00  Per transaction
(WSB and AllPoint Network ATMs excluded)
ATM/Debit Card Point-of-Sale (POS) Transactions $0.50  Per transaction
Debit Card Replacement
(Lost or Stolen)
$10.00  Per card
Bank Checks:
$7.00  Per check
Bill-Pay (Personal):
Free if used once monthly, otherwise $5.95  per month
Collection Items:
$20.00  Domestic (including Canada)
$35.00  International
Counter Checks:
$1.00  Per check
Early Closure Fee:
$25.00  For Savings & Club accounts closed within 180 days of opening
Foreign Currency (Travelex):
Service Charge $5.00
Priority Overnight Shipping $15.00
Next Day Shipping $12.00
IRA Transfer Fee:
$40.00  Per transfer (Unless transferring to Walden Investment Services (WIS))
Legal Processing:
$100.00  (per information subpeona, attachment, levy, etc.)
Lost Passbook Fee:
$10.00  Per account
Minimum Balance Fee:
Savings Accounts with less than $50.00 average monthly balance: $3.00  per month (excludes Money Market Deposit Accounts, Club Accounts and School Savings Accounts)
Money Orders:
$4.00  Each
Night Deposit Lock Bags:
$20.00  Per bag plus NYS Sales Tax
Overdraft Transfer Fee:
$9.00  For each transfer of funds to checking account from another statement account to cover overdraft
Paid Checks $3.00  Per check plus applicable research fees (Also available on website free of charge)
Documents $3.00  Per page
Statements $5.00  Per statement plus applicable research fees
Protest Fees:
$25.00  Per check
Reconciliation of A/C:
$25.00  Per hour
Reg D Charge:
$15.00  Per item in excess of six preauthorized transfers, automatic transfers, telephone transfers, checks, or debit card transactions per statement cycle.
This fee applies only to Money Market, Statement Savings, and Advantage Savings Accounts.
Research Fee:
$25.00  Per hour
Returned Check Charges:
Uncollected Funds
$31.00  Per check returned
Uncollected Funds
$31.00  Per check paid
Returned Deposited Item:
$20.00  Per item deposited and returned unpaid
Safe Deposit Box Rental:
Size 2”x5”x21” $35.00  Per year plus NYS Sales Tax
Size 3”x5”x21” $40.00  Per year plus NYS Sales Tax
Size 5”x5”x21” $65.00  Per year plus NYS Sales Tax
Size 3”x10”x21” $75.00  Per year plus NYS Sales Tax
Size 5”x10”x21” $90.00  Per year plus NYS Sales Tax
Size 7”x10”x21” $125.00  Per year plus NYS Sales Tax
Size 10”x10”x21” $135.00  Per year plus NYS Sales Tax
Lost Key $25.00  Per box
Drilling $125.00  Per box
Stop Payment Charge:
$31.00  Per check
Undeliverable Statement:
$12.00  Per statement returned by Post Office
Wire Transfers:
$15.00  Incoming
$25.00  Outgoing
$50.00  International Outgoing
FDIC Insured master
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